A cargo van is a versatile vehicle for transporting just about anything, but if you need to transport goods that require refrigeration then a refrigerated cargo van is a great choice. These vehicles are much the same as a regular cargo van except that they have a refrigeration unit installed in them to cool the cargo area. Depending on the type of cooling unit used, they are able to keep goods from spoiling for days.

What can be transported?

Anything that requires refrigeration can be carried in a refrigerated cargo van, providing it fits within the cargo hold. This includes many fresh food products, frozen goods, flowers, medical specimens, hazardous/volatile materials and anything else that requires refrigeration during transport. If you are leasing or renting a refrigerated cargo van the restrictions on what you can carry will be much tighter, and should be checked before signing a rental agreement or lease.

Which cooling system is best?

There are three main types of cooling systems that are installed into cargo vans. The first is the most basic and is simply a ventilation system that moves air through the cargo area. This does not technically fall within the definition for refrigerated cargo vans, but can be suitable in some applications. The most basic refrigeration unit uses ice or carbon dioxide for cooling. This type of refrigeration unit is perfect for short trips with goods that don’t need a strict temperature control system. The most advanced cooling system uses a diesel generator to power a complete mechanical refrigeration unit. These refrigerated vans are expensive, but are perfect for long distance hauling and/or goods that need to be kept within a specific temperature range.


Refrigerated cargo vans are available from most of the popular manufacturers and from specialist commercial vehicle dealers. They come in a variety of different sizes and with different cooling systems installed. However, you can retrofit a cooling device in most existing cargo vans as long as they have adequate insulation. If you would prefer to lease or rent a refrigerated van your local commercial vehicle rental agency is the best place to start.

A refrigerated cargo van is a versatile vehicle that can be used to transport refrigerated goods. They can carry a surprisingly large amount of cargo and are cheaper and easier to drive than a large truck. This makes them a very popular choice with small businesses across the country.